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Please review the rules before posting. It's the first category listed here... why would you miss it?

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For all things roleplay, be it via Forum Posts, Docs, or Instant Message

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For chit chat about the books, come on in!

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Want to share your art? Come do so here!

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  • Jim Vox
    Mar 4, 2018

    Same rules from the main forum apply to this category. In particular to art, here; Do not claim art that doesn't belong to you as your own (it's just plain rude) No posting pornographic content All manner of art is welcome; visual, written, video, musical, etc Especially welcome are works relating to Versalis Worlds Have fun!
  • Jim Vox
    Feb 28, 2018

    Leave a post with your problem here and the community can see what can be done. We'll help however we can. Even with Fireballs. Fireballs solve everything!
  • Jim Vox
    Feb 25, 2018

    For those of you who need it in a nutshell: Tulpas are imaginary friends for adults. That's the short of it. They are much more complex and intricate than the imagined friends of children, and can be better understood due to the host being adults mature enough to communicate the nature of this phenomena. It's a good kind of Dis-associative Personality (Disorder) because it does not cause distress. In fact, it can be a useful path to lowering stress levels, with proper application. Further information can be found here: -
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